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The Blood Sugar and Thyroid Connection

It is safe to say that the blood sugar is the common denominator in thyroid disorders and diabetes. People with diabetes and thyroid disorders should always keep their blood sugar levels in check. Controlling blood sugar levels involves changing the diet; this is more of a lifestyle change, and these patients should not expect good results immediately.

The thyroid gland, which is located in the neck region, plays an important role in controlling metabolism and generating body heat. In lay man’s terms, the thyroid gland is the body’s thermostat. Thyroid dysfunction leads to defective metabolism.

Hypothyroidism and blood sugar imbalances go together. A health survey that screened blood sugar levels in hypothyroidism patients revealed that 50% of these patients have blood sugar level imbalances. The issues that cause the occurrence of Hashimoto’s also cause the development of diabetes. Diabetes does not just develop in a day or two; it takes years. Insulin resistance and glucose intolerance are conditions that gradually develop over a long period. A person may register symptoms such as hypoglycemia many years before they are actually diagnosed with diabetes.

Most people hold the notion that fat is bad for health and starch is good. They could not be more wrong. This misconception is the primary reason obesity, diabetes and a load of other chronic diseases are so prevalent nowadays.

Starch is digested quickly (its digestion starts in the mouth) so it can easily cause high blood sugar levels. Fats and Proteins do not just digest slowly, but also keep the stomach full for long periods.

The point is that these patients should eat food with a low glycemic index. The glycemic index refers to the rate at which the body burns food. Foods with low glycemic index keep the body feeling full for longer compared to a high glycemic index. These foods will result in low cholesterol levels, increased energy, normal blood sugar level and reduction in acne.

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