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Chronic Infections and Hidden Infections

Infections refer to the uncontrolled growth of micro-organisms in the body. Treating infections is a way of speeding up the abatement of manifestation of symptoms. There are infections that are commonly considered to look alike. They include:

  • SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)
  • Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori)
  • Parasites
  • Lyme disease

SIBO may be as a result of excess intake of starch or antibiotics. These antibiotics offer a favorable environment for SIBO to develop by getting rid of all the bacteria, whether good or bad. This infection may also result in permeability of the intestines. One should however take adequate amount of probiotics since the antibiotics might form part of the therapeutic regimen prescribed.

  1. Pylori: Getting rid of H. Pylori can trigger Hashimoto’s due to the use of antibiotics. A triple therapy is prescribed in treating the infection which may also increase the number of good bacteria. There are natural alternatives that can be used instead of antibiotics and the protocols include fermented foods like extra-virgin coconut oil, coenzyme Q10, aloe vera juice, turmeric, Licorice, oil of oregano and mastic gum as well as probiotics.

Lyme disease is also an infection that causes Hashimoto’s disease and is neither easily detected nor treated. It is recommended that one should get tested if symptoms such as memory problems, pain, numbness and headaches persist, symptoms get better or worse or symptoms intensify on use of antibiotics.

On the other hand, parasites can trigger autoimmune conditions or cause damage to the intestines. It is therefore recommended that people should test for the presence of these parasites then take a low carbohydrate diet, antiparasitic herbs, specific antiparasitic medications, certain supplements and probiotics.

Hashimoto’s is reversible

Autoimmune attack on the thyroid can be reduced or even eliminated. The thyroid tissue can also be regenerated in some circumstances.Inorder to achieve remission in Hashimoto’s some factors have to be removed such as intestinal permeability and environmental triggers.

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