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Root Cause

Doctors usually treat thyroid and graves’ conditions with medication so that they disappear with time but it is up to the patient to treat future autoimmune conditions. However, treating...

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The Vitamin D Factor

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the deficiencies that are hardly noticed in the society yet it can worsen autoimmune disease. It is therefore advisable for everyone to check...

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Nutrient Deficiencies

The body’s ability to absorb nutrients is hindered by exhaustion of nutrients. An autoimmune response can be triggered depending on the deficiency. Deficiency in Selenium: A deficiency in Selenium...

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Medication taken in the right dosage together with a healthy diet and application of other interventions is necessary and can produce satisfying results. However, some individuals can reduce their...

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Infections are quite common in thyroid disease patients. Treating the infections is a step forward towards healing these conditions and putting most symptoms in remission. Molecular mimicry The immune...

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Gluten- free foods are usually high in sugar, making them a huge risk for blood sugar than gluten. People that choose a gluten-free diet end up getting all the...

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