We talk a lot about natural remedies on Functional Cure. Surely you’ve heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? In the case of many maladies, the prevention is right there on your plate: it’s what you eat. If you make the right choice of paths from the beginning, it will be much easier to correct your direction if you lose your way.

Using that ideal, that guideline of natural, organic, and holistic to approach what we are eating will be a huge benefit. This can be as micro or macro as you like, but so long as you’re making mindful decisions, you will be benefitting.

Choosing for lifestyles like the Paleo diet, or cutting glutens heavily, all can be large scale changes that will completely change your health.  If you’re interested in either of those two options and want to make the switch easily, I’d point you to our Health tab, and the info found there with Paleo on the Go or the Gluten Free Society.

On the micro scale, it is choices to avoid environmental factors, or medications, or in the case we are talking about here, foods. You need not overhaul your entire diet to begin to see results. When it comes to problems with the thyroid, for instance, restricting foods that are known goitrogens. Cutting out those foods will see a decrease in Hashimoto’s attacks, and you’ll be feeling better from a natural cause: food!

So long as your foods are as close to ‘whole’ as possible, unprocessed, no added sugars or chemicals, you’ll be on the right path. An easy rule of thumb is if it is something you could hypothetically make at home (vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs) it’s a safer choice.