Natural remedies. It is what we are all about here, however you can avoid needing remedies with a strong proactive approach. This page showcases some of the resources and supplements we have used and had success with when it comes to keeping our lives healthy.


Water Filters

Water is the foundation of our entire bodies, to ignore the affect the quality, or lack thereof, it can have is absurd. Plenty of options exist for water filtration systems exist out there, but not all are purifiers. The system we use and recommend is the AquaTru.  It gets rid of all contaminants found in tap water. Heck, they have a video of the AquaTru filtering the pure water out of Diet Coke, it’s that strong! When it comes to the basic building block of our bodies, we want the best.

Rootcology Liver Support

This supplement is used to support your liver and in turn your whole body in the detoxification process. It provides nutrients needed to ensure your body is working at optimal levels. It’s GMO free, gluten free, soy free, and 100% vegetarian (for those who have eschewed meat).

Gluten Free

Many people are finding they have some form of gluten intolerance or allergy. When it comes to switching over your diet entirely from a gluten heavy, grain rich diet, it helps to have some expert guidance. To that end, if you feel a gluten free life-style would benefit you, or your doctor is recommending it to treat your Celiac, we suggest you go check out the Gluten Free Society. There you will find hundreds of useful resources including tutorials, doctors specializing in the GF lifestyle, and even recipes that will leave your mouth watering.

Paleo Diets

Lots of folks are turning to the Paleo diet for a multitude of reasons. A handy resource for eating paleo in the midst of a busy life is Paleo on the Go. It follows all the tenets of the paleo lifestyle (obviously) with options that are dairy, gluten, grain, soy and nut free. Not only that but they have options that can maintain with other popular diet/lifestyle choices.