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Is The Information Made Available In The Thyroid Secret False?

In the simplest of terms the data, research and information I have compiled inThe Thyroid Secret is accurate, detailed and life changing for those with thyroid disease. As such, The Thyroid Secret false claims are simply unfounded, inaccurate and lack scientific proof and evidence. It should be noted that one in every three Americans is currently living with the debilitating symptoms and effects of thyroid disease. This in itself should make it clear that useful information on this disease is important.


Even the early-stage symptoms of thyroid disease that includes brain fog, unexplained weight gain and devastating hair loss are reasons enough to take the disease very seriously. Further alarming is the fact that while the disease can affect children and men it is most prominent in women today. Women of all ages end up having to address this disease with a lack of information and understanding of what it is and what it can do.


Most importantly, I point out in the documentary that many types of thyroid diseases are caused by environmental factors. This includes the air that we breathe and the water that we drink as well as the food that we eat. Even the products that we use such as cosmetics can have a direct effect on the thyroid. These facts alone should make it clear that to suggest that the information made available in The Thyroid Secret is false is rather abstract. Comprehensive research, compiled data and large numbers of interviews with experts, doctors and patients all prove that the information in The Thyroid Secret is indeed quite valid.


My Thyroid Secret documentary miniseries offers powerful and compelling information regarding what may easily be one of modern time’s most misunderstood and most troublesome diseases. Thyroid disease that goes unchecked can have a profound effect on the lives of children, men and especially women. At the end of the day the information I’ve made available inThe Thyroid Secret is far from false and is actually quite useful and valuable to those who suffer from chronic thyroid disease.