the thyroid secret hoax

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Ending The Thyroid Secret Hoax Disinformation Campaign

All too often today, disinformation campaigns can run completely out of control on the Internet. While the Internet offers a wealth of information for those researching just about any subject imaginable, disinformation can often go unchecked for extended periods. That said it is indeed time to end The Thyroid Secret hoax disinformation campaign. I’ve put togetherThe Thyroid Secret as a powerful concept presented in a nine-part documentary regarding the myths associated with thyroid disease.


There are many issues at stake when talking about thyroid disease including everything from unexplained weight gain to brain fog and problematic hair loss as well as chronic fatigue. The path to recovery for those with thyroid conditions, problems or diseases has never been so clear, so obvious and so possible to attain. My documentary series explores the complexities of this frequently misunderstood condition. The idea that The Thyroid Secret hoax disinformation campaign could even carry any weight is rather surprising.


I created the concept with the goal in mind of providing genuine relief for those who suffer from thyroid disease. I host this groundbreaking series. My name is Dr. Isabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP. I was diagnosed with a specific type of thyroid disease several years ago. After I was diagnosed, I dedicated my efforts to finding a solution to the problem. I was concerned with how to deal with symptoms in order to improve my life and long-term health prospects. This highly informative documentary outlines all of this in greater detail.


Men, children and especially women are afflicted with the debilitating effects of thyroid disease. The air, water, food and products that we use each and every day have a direct impact on the thyroid. My documentary explores the underlying factors that cause thyroid disease. The Thyroid Secret is a powerful and well-researched body of information that simply cannot be ignored in today’s world. Thyroid health is a serious concern and that is why any unsubstantiated claims of The Thyroid Secret hoax should be immediately dispelled and discarded.